How to avoid mistakes while booking a flight

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    Is a holiday on the cards? The vagabond inside you might be thrilled to bits, but the compulsive planner inside you might be having the nightmares. Organising a holiday, starting from deciding on a holiday destination to chalking out the last detail can wear you down. Most of the time people make mistakes while booking a flight. Here we introduce you to some smart tips to avoid making the common mistakes while booking a flight.

    Compare the in-flight experience

    Sometimes when you search for flights, you may find multiple flights offering the same fare. But instead of booking the cheapest flight, consider the in-flight experience offered by the flights. Research about each airline’s meal service, entertainment options such as individual screens, flight pitch and do a comparison. Do not compromise on the overall comfort of the journey for saving a little money.

    Hidden costs

    The ticket fares of some flights might be low, but you may end up paying more if there are some hidden costs. Take into consideration factors such as baggage fees or costs involved for seat selection. This will give you a fair idea about the flight fare, and help you make a better choice.

    Be open to alternate airports

    Most of the destinations have more than one airport with flights flying to your city. Being open to alternate airports that operate flights to your city can throw open cheaper options for you.

    Passport expiry time

    Most countries require the visitors to have a passport that is valid for a minimum of six months after the date of entry. Do not forget to check your passport expiry date before booking your flight ticket.

    Stop over or connection

    When you are booking a flight to any destination, give enough thought to the layover time. If there is precious little time between the flights, you run the risk of missing your connecting flight. But also consider if there is too much time between the flights.


    By Neetu George