Indonesia’s incredible Istiqlal Mosque

  • leadimagemosqueBuilt in 1978, the Istiqlal Mosque is the largest mosque in Indonesia, and serves as of Indonesia's holiest sites. In addition, it is used as a conference center where religious lectures and seminars take place.

    This mosque attracts visitors from all over the world. In 2010, the former US President Barack Obama visited the mosque and praised it, claiming how it was a symbol of tolerance for Indonesia and Indonesians.

    The Istiqlal Mosque is located on a 45-meter-high dome with towering minarets and is found near the Catholic Church. It was designed by the Christian architect Frederik Silapan. The word “Istiqlal” came Indonesia’s struggle for independence where its construction took almost 17 years under the supervision of Indonesian President Seokarno.


    The mosque has a large rectangular prayer hall with a diameter of 45 meters and supported by 12 columns. Moreover, it contains 4 levels of massive balconies that overlook the spectacular view of Indonesia.

    The mosque is located near the Gambir train station. It is also possible to go from Sokarno Hatta Airport by public transport to Mitromini and Trans Jakarta to Gambir. From Gambir there are taxis known as Ojik and can walk up to the mosque. So next time you decide to book a flight to Indonesia with, you must visit this incredible mosque!

    By Mohammed Al-Ameen