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    * All prices indicated in SAR

    Planning a trip from Riyadh to Paris? Now you can book your flight with any of the many airlines connecting these two cities. To book a flight, visit our website,, and select your flight from the comfort of your home or from anywhere around the world. Check for the flight availability as per your budget and timing, and after selecting the suitable flight, follow our booking procedure to confirm your flight booking. You could also avail various discounts and offers, which we have from time to time, saving you money for your stay!

    About Riyadh

    Planned and built after modern American towns, Riyadh is a global city, home to almost 7.3 million people, and is also the capital of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh, culturally conservative by nature, offers wholesome family fun! A wide range of dining options, entertainment, and shopping experiences is available. Known for historical sites and impressive modern architecture, one must visit the mesmerizing Masmak Fortress, Clock Tower, Sky Bridge, Al Faisaliah Tower, National Museum, Owais Souq, Riyadh Zoo, and Al Thumairi Gate among other famous landmarks.

    About the Riyadh airport

    The main hub for Saudia and Flynas airlines, King Khalid International Airport is the second biggest airport in Saudi Arabia, after Jeddah (King Abdulaziz International Airport) airport. Located 35 km to the north of Riyadh, it covers an area of about 315 and is among the world’s largest airports. Three of the four main passenger terminals, each with 8 aerobridges, serve both international and domestic passengers currently.  Terminals 1 and 2 are for international passengers and Terminal 5, for domestic passengers. The Royal terminal caters to the Royal family and official government guests of the Kingdom. A grand mosque, situated at the centre of the passenger terminals, accommodates almost 5000 worshipers. Other facilities include luxury shopping, various dining options, first-aid and rent-a-car. 

    Riyadh airport address

    Riyadh Airport,
    Saudi Arabia,
    PO Box 12531,
    Riyadh 11483,
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    Phone: +966 (0)1 221 1000 / Fax: +966 (0)1 221 1637

    About Paris

    Paris, the capital of France, is a traveller’s delight! The most densely populated city in France, Paris is located on the river Seine, north of France and is a great mix of cultures! Food, art, designs, and historical associations make Paris one of the most sought after holiday destinations. Be it proposing your special someone on top of the Eiffel Tower or surprising your family with a trip to Disneyland, Paris has something for everyone! Notre Dame de Paris, The Louvre Museum and Arc De Triomphe are the other iconic landmarks of Paris to take selfies at!

    About the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

    Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, or the Roissy airport, is located 25 km to the northeast of Paris and is the largest international airport in France. The airport is also the second busiest airport in Europe, in terms of passenger traffic. The passengers are served through 3 passenger terminals, where Terminal 2 is specifically reserved for the passengers of Air France and Terminal 3 is the base for low-cost airlines. Charles de Gaulle airport is the primary hub for Air France and the European hub for Delta Airlines. 

    Paris airport address

    Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport
    BP 20101,
    Roissy Charles de Gaulle,
    Phone:  +33 1 70 36 39 50

    Frequency of flights from Riyadh to Paris

    A number of flights operate daily between Riyadh and Dubai, both direct and with stop-overs. You will get the flight details at and can also book your flights online. Online booking is tailored for your convenience and quite quick; apart from flight details, you could redeem various discounts and offers and save money on your purchases!

    Currently, there are two direct flights flying daily from Riyadh to Paris which are about six and a half hour long. Other flights depart as early as 12: 15 AM in the morning and as late as 10: 50 PM in the evening, with multiple flights in between.

    Book Flights from Riyadh to Paris today!